Smart & Instant Auto Response with Messenger Bot

Whether you sell in-person, online or through an app, you know what you'd like to do next as your business grows. With Facebook Messenger chatbots, your followers can get answers to frequntly asked questions and more. Chatbots allow you to have an automated conversation with people who contacts via your Facebook Messenger. A series of menus or keyboards guides customers to the next steps, allowing them to easily interact your business to buy tickets for an event, get directions, ask for prices in E-Commerce websites, buy products or ask common questions.
For Example: In an E-Commerce store, when the users writes "what is the price of iphone 7", the messenger bots instantly replies the price of iphone 7.
Similary, when the user asks for the location of the store, the bot instantly replies with the location of the store.

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Instant Response

Messenger Bots Don't take time in responding, so your customers get instant response

Interactive Menus & Buttons

Messenger Bots consists of Interactive Buttons and Graphical Interfaces so that customers can get texts as well as buttons and images as a response

No Programming Knowledge Required

You don't to know anything about Programming to get started with Messenger Bot, our system handles all of it.

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